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About Me

portrait of the artist as a young dev

In a nutshell, I like to make things, I love to learn, and I ask a lot of questions. I graduated early from Columbia University with a B.A. in Chinese Literature and a few computer science-related (including computer music-related) courses under my belt. After graduation, I lived in China for a while, teaching and working at an educational startup.

While in China I self-taught a lot of web development basics, and returned to New York to improve my skills with a bunch of similarly motivated and creative young people at the App Academy. There, I built the Rails framework from scratch (including ActiveRecord), a basic version of the BackboneJS framework, as well as some basic games with UIs like Snake and Asteroids. It was a lot of learning.

Since then, I've worked at two small startups, launched a beta for TechCrunch Disrupt, submitted an application for YCombinator, and built UIs for a web app, and smartwatch app, for a large corporation. In addition, in my free time I make websites for friends, and currently I'm working on a lightweight CMS, and a browser-based non-Flash music notator with good keyboard shortcuts. That's all been a lot of learning too.

Outside of developing, I've been a radio host at WKCR, I've been a professional musician (insofar as I've been paid to perform, and have gigged around New York City), and strive daily to better express myself on the piano, guitar, and my own homemade software instruments. I'm always learning, and I laugh a lot. No need to be over serious about the little things.




Columbia University | Early graduation in 2012 with a B.A. in Chinese Literature | GPA: 3.6

Technical Skills

Ruby, Javascript; Ruby on Rails, BackboneJS, AngularJS, Meteor, jQuery; HTML5 + CSS3 / SASS / LESS; UX design (layouts, responsiveness, progressive enhancement); TDD (in RSpec, and Jasmine / Karma); SQL (PosgreSQL, MySQL), and NoSQL(Mongo, Firebase); REST APIs; Git.


  • Web Developer @ Piksel , December 2014 - August 2015
  • Creating and managing OTT video monetization solutions for some of the world's leading media brands
  • Responsibilities: Construction and maintenance of client AT&T's Uverse.com desktop and mobile site
  • + Built new UI features on desktop and mobile sites, learned about implementing streaming video on the web
  • Lead Developer @ Wayla , May - December 2014
  • Making elegant, digital documentaries for live art and cultural events.
  • Responsibilities: Rewriting app from version 1.0 into new stack using Ionic / AngularJS / Firebase.
  • + Successfully rebuilt product from scratch, with very minimal backend (only S3, Firebase, and Filepicker).
  • Developer @ InviBox , July - September 2014
  • Next generation, social media-inspired webmail.
  • Responsibilities: Rewriting and extending existing Meteor codebase in prep for beta launch.
  • + Successfully brought product to beta launch under time pressure after being hired as 1st developer on new team of 3; extended features, rebuilt UI for email components, and rewrote significant portions of existing codebase.
  • Program Director @ Sunrise International Education, Feb - Aug 2013
  • Beijing-based company organizing some of the largest extracurricular activities for Chinese high schoolers.
  • Responsibilities: Website construction and management, administration of non-tournament programs, judging tournaments, teaching debate-related classes.
  • + Improved existing Ning-based website (both UX and design-wise), and designed a new homepage
  • Foreign Teacher @ The UExcel Int'l Academy , Feb - Aug 2013
  • Tianjin-based provider of Western-style English-language education to Chinese adults and students seeking high-school or college abroad.
  • Responsibilities: Planning and teaching English-language core-content classes to middle school and high school students at the UExcel Int'l Academy, as well as teaching private lessons for adults.
  • + Highest reviewed and most requested teacher during my tenure there, both by students and by other staff. Routinely worked overtime without compensation to help my students on a variety of projects.
  • Paid Summer Intern @ The People's Daily Online, NYC, Summer 2012
  • Online edition of China's largest government-sponsored newspaper.
  • Responsibilities: Translating and reporting news for the New York office's daily video; editing footage, field reporting, and formally critiquing the English-language website for review by Beijing headquarters.
  • + Wrote a formal proposal for an overhaul of the English-language website, which was reviewed by Beijing headquarters, and has been gradually implemented in the time since.
  • Paid Summer Intern @ Beijing Automotive Industrial Corporation , Summer 2010
  • State-owned enterprise and holding company of several Chinese automobile and machine manufacturers
  • Responsibilities: Designing and conducting a 6-week training on American Culture / English Language for engineers and staff; completing translation projects for PR department; giving presentations to company executives.
  • + Created English-language corporation slogan; got some of my students to achieve proficiency and confidence speaking English in 6 weeks.
  • Director of Event Management @ Global China Connection , Fall 2009 - Spring 2011
  • Nonprofit organization for university students of all nationalities looking to engage China's emergence as a global power through events and networking.
  • Responsibilities: Coordinating visits of delegations of Chinese university student leaders to New York City, Boston, and Philadelphia; overseeing planning and execution of major events in New York City and Beijing; managing social media for planned events.
  • + Was lead organizer for three successful all-day conferences, two in New York and one in Beijing, each featuring experts in a variety of fields and attended by three to five hundred students and professionals.


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